The Law of Divine Order

Some of us may be stuck in using metaphysical “buzzwords” that cause us to assume “the universe” will take care of what we need, or some situation, if only we “surrender”, believe we have already received it, and let our positive thoughts attract positive results. It doesn’t work quite that way. We still have to be the hands, feet, ears, eyes, and brains of the process.

I think there is a natural order, as a law (not a force or mechanism) concerning how the world works for civilized people, and how human nature works: cause and effect, act and react. If you are wise, you have learned that there must be some benefit for everyone involved in any deal or contract. If you invoke Divine Order, you commit to working for a good or love-inspired outcome for everyone involved. With this attitude, you often find that obstacles disappear, change, or are no longer a problem, and people and authorities are willing to give you the help you need. That’s what happened to me when I applied for a place in the PTA Program in 1991 at UTPA. I also found that some decisions I had made many years ago, and some work I had done, prepared the way for success when I needed it.

If you don’t think of a [universal] Law as being an edict that is handed down by some authority, but as a consistency that can be relied upon to operate in all similar conditions, then it just IS, whether we believe in it or not, and it doesn’t change unless there is a fundamental change in the make-up or nature of the universe.
That idea is hard to wrap one’s mind around, since humans are used to thinking in practical microcosms, where the origin of the Law appears to be from “above”, from a more vast or general realm, as part of a Plan.

Oh, but there surely must be a Plan, we think! Some higher authority surely must know why I am here, why these things are happening, and how and when it will all finally resolve after a certain divine being returns to earth. Maybe not. A Plan implies an intentional outcome, and if that is the case, then it is already decided what that outcome will be, and nothing I do makes any difference [except to me.] No matter which choices I make, or how much I learn, it does not change the outcome. So much for free will.

So I don’t think there is a Plan in the sense that it is a Destiny, either personal or collective. I think each of us has enormous power to make our desires and intentions take form, and it is up to us to get the cooperation of others who have their own desires and intentions. As a race of human conscious beings, we also have enormous power to shape our future on this planet and in this universe, as long as the universal Law is recognized for what it is, and properly used (in co- operation) –not obeyed.

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