Strange Happenings

The first strange experience I can recall happened when I was about 6. I was upstairs alone in my parents’ bedroom. In the top drawer of the bureau was a telescope that my father had bought. We did not have much money, and he naturally wanted to protect this expensive instrument. So I was forbidden to touch it. If he had only allowed me to look through it once, I might not have felt the driving curiosity to find out what this thing did. And that was all I needed to know.

I had taken the telescope carefully from the drawer and turned it on the tree in the front yard. To my wonder and delight, I saw leaves up close and in great detail. “Oh!” I said softly, suddenly understanding what the telescope did, as well as what leaves looked like up close and magnified.

I had put the instrument back in the drawer, closed it, and had taken one step away when I felt a gentle presence near me. I didn’t think about it, or look around, but simply stood still knowing that I felt it, and a moment later, I turned and left the room. But the presence might not have left me. Whatever it is, is kind, understanding, perhaps protective. It may even be the source of ideas that have suddenly occurred to me when I was ready for them. Perhaps it was my personal baptism of the spirit.

More strange happenings continued to occur throughout my life, and I will try to remember the ones that affected the course of my life.


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