Hello, World!

This is where I hope to record the nuggets of truth, wise sayings, and somewhat strange happenings that have shaped my life thus far. I may even share a pet peeve or two. I’m entitled to some of them, I think, at 68. Nowadays styles, fads, and practices change so quickly that no one has time to form an opinion before the reason for it is gone! And it takes a long vision to recall when things were different.

Do not worry–this is not going to be a lot of reminiscing about the good old days! In some ways, they were not all that good, though they were a little less scary. I may have to stand on my head to shuffle the deck, but we’ll deal the hand and see if it’s worth drawing to.

Read “About Me” to find out a little more about where I am coming from.


One thought on “Hello, World!”

  1. I think I will try to find that Susan Boyle CD next time I go to town. I won’t go till the crazy Christmas shopping crowd slows down.

    I went through your pages of blogs and one really caught my interest. The Web Bot. Scary isn’t it? But I am not giving up my PC and continue to surf the web and post my opinions just as you do. Facebook gets a lot of my comments now.

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