About Me

Mirror ImageWell, here I am back in the Rio Grande Valley, the newest metroplex in Texas. Retired, and trying to avoid becoming a “potted plant”, I am doing what I never had time to do when I was working. What, travel? Oh, no. I have done about all the traveling I want to do. Now I want to find out if I can write anything that others want to read. I want to compose new songs and find out if people’s musical taste is really changing, as I have been told. I want to enjoy every new blossom in my porch garden, and watch the wild sparrows competing for a space at the bird feeder and, finding them all taken, picking up the fallen seeds on the ground.

I have old friends here, and some new ones. And I have my church to serve in and to nourish my spirit. And while my health is not as good as I imagined it would be at this stage of my life, it is still better than that of many others, so for a good constitution and a clear mind, I am grateful.

I know there must be more folks like me out there. If something that I say turns on a light for you, I welcome comments.


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi….Happened upon your site after googling, “Turning 69,” as I just turned that number yesterday and it has made me somewhat depressed. As you said, however, it is younger than 70!

    I am curious. Do you have a good relationship with your adult children as I am finding that I am getting left in the dust lately and it hurts? I feel they only call upon me when they need a babysitter or something else done for them. Yesterday, for my birthday, two sent me a gift, two called to wish me happy birthday and to tell me my gifts were in the mail (yeah right) and one did not call at all. I have 5.

    I will read more of your articles when I have more time. Right now I have one of my grandsons staying with me.

  2. I would say that you are doing pretty well to get 2 gifts and 2 calls! I do not have any grandchildren, so I don’t get the babysitting duty. But 2 of my remaining children have really been there for me in the past couple of years when I really needed help, and have always remembered my birthday, Mother’s Day, etc. The other one took offense to something a couple of years ago, after a lifetime of closeness, and now I see her only when she has to because my other daughter won’t see her without me. She never calls or writes except for a card and a nice gift at Christmas. But I have done all I can to make things better between us, and I feel that it is her problem, so I am not worrying about it.
    Thanks for writing, and cheer up! You’re doing great!

  3. Hey Kaye.
    Thanks for commenting on the page. Most of those widgets are made for wordpress. I had a grapics guy put the purchase button together. Took a little doing but we managed to make it work.
    Hope your songs are coming together for you. You’ve got a leg up on the rest of us, being from Texas. That’s where all the best songwriters are from!
    All the Best.

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