Free Lunch (and breakfast)

The notice below has been appearing in my local newspaper, as required by law. School is starting soon, and I’m sure that all local parents will be glad to know this:

Really, who is there left who could possibly feel discriminated against? Even white kids who are neither poor, nor disabled can get the free lunch and breakfast. An alien from another planet could eat for free in this school district, and have the right to complain if he/she/it were denied service!

The only common-sense reason that I can see for doing things this way is that it is simply less expensive and timeconsuming to go through the process of  qualifying the kids according to whatever legal/social standards are left. Everybody gets fed for free. No cash register, no vouchers or tickets. Just step up and get your politically-correct meal (half of which will probably be wasted, but that’s another story.)

[Author’s note]: It has been suggested to me that a much simpler reason is the basis for feeding all the kids, regardless of family income, and I should have thought if it before. It is simply that the more kids they feed, the more money the school district gets from the federal government. This is a “depressed area,” and it would not surprise me if once a certain percentage of low-income families is verified, declaring it 100% can be deemed automatic. Have I guess the truth?


Author: b4i4get

I am a 68-yo retired Physical Therapist Asst. living in Texas. Currently I have ~5 dozen webpages, including 3 homepages, an e-novel, and 1 blog. I love cats, writing, and thinking about the big questions. I am also a singer-songwriter, though no one has heard of me--yet.

2 thoughts on “Free Lunch (and breakfast)”

  1. Hi Kay,

    My,oh my, what kind of budget are these people working with? It is unbelievable, but wonderful, if it happens. Is this supposed to be occurring in the city you live in? Lori

    1. Yes, this notice is from the newspaper in the town where I live. As I said, it may cost the School District less to just feed all the kids than to spend the time and money to find out which kids are really needy and might not get enough to eat if the taxpayers don’t pay for two meals each weekday. I didn’t say I like it, and there may be people within the ISD who didn’t like it. Short-term, giving these kids nutritious meals is the humanitarian thing to do, and will help them to develop normally. But it is hard for me to believe that even the poorest kids could not bring a sandwich and a piece of fruit in a bag for lunch. And a scrambledegg folded in a tortilla makes a pretty good breakfast. Oatmeal doesn’t cost much, either. I just don’tthink it’s “wonderful”what these kids will expect to be handed for free when they grow up. It certainly doesn’t inspire ambition. We are already seeing the results of some of this type of benevolence. The crowd just wants the money or the goods that the government promises them. They don’t know where it comes from. And they don’t care.


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