Of course, I know that “Blu-ray” is some kind of video format, and that there is such a thing as a Blu-ray player, but it is not clear in my 70-year-old mind whether this player plays a disk that resembles a DVD, or what? Whatever it is, I am sure that it’s too expensive for me, and I’m perfectly satisfied with the quality I get with my plain DVDs (which are not even HD.)
I’ll admit that the DVD is better in almost every way than the VHS cassette. The way in which it is not better is that most people, including me, can’t afford a stand-alone DVD recorder. Nor can they afford to subscribe to a service like Tivo. Anyway, digital recording, so that you can watch any program you want at a more convenient time, is totally beyond my poor low-tech brain’s ability to grasp.

I kinda “get” that the digital recorder is always “on”, but how you find the program you want to watch when you finally have the time, and how you can pause the playing of a live show while you go to the fridge, and then start watching again where you left off , is too complicated for me. I would never learn to use it if I had it!!

The thing is, I still have a VCR, and that’s what I use to record a show that I can’t watch because I have to be away from home, or because I want to watch another show that comes on at the same time. But I just read that they have stopped selling [new] VHS tapes in the stores. And this makes me think that I won’t be able to buy blank VHS tapes, either, pretty soon. I know how to use the VCR, and if it’s not too long between times that I want to timer-record, I can even manage that without forgetting how to set it correctly.

For the DVDs that I buy or receive as gifts, I have a very good CD/DVD player, without Blu-ray, whatever that is. I can even play my CDs and DVDs on the computer, but I’d rather use the big TV screen and stereo sound instead of wearing out my computer.

But what will I do when I have worn out my blank VHS tapes and can’t buy any more? Do I have to go out and buy up a couple of dozen now while I can still find them? 😦


Author: b4i4get

I am a 68-yo retired Physical Therapist Asst. living in Texas. Currently I have ~5 dozen webpages, including 3 homepages, an e-novel, and 1 blog. I love cats, writing, and thinking about the big questions. I am also a singer-songwriter, though no one has heard of me--yet.

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