Rainwater Coffee

OK, I will admit it: I am a coffee snob! But not in the way you might think. I don’t necessarily have to have my coffee beans freshly ground–although that’s nice–and I don’t have enough knowledge or money to argue about the best process for brewing it. I use an automatic drip machine at home and I buy my coffee off the shelf in the grocery store. I am a snob about two things: it must be Colombian coffee, and it must taste good without cream, sugar, or any other adulteration.

Falling Rain
Falling Rain

We had rain this week, the kind where the rain pours off the roof for days, and you want to catch it in whatever container you have and use it for something. Your grass and plants grow better after one good rain than after weeks of watering with city water. It makes your hair shine if you shampoo with it. And it makes the best coffee you ever drank!! After it had rained enough to wash the roof clean (2 or 3 days straight), I caught a pitcherful and poured it into my coffee maker. The water boils before it reaches the coffee, and the filter takes care of any small particles that might be in the sparkling clear water, so in my opinion, it is as safe as what comes from my faucet, which I have to run  though a filter to remove the minerals and chemicals before I can make good coffee with it. And it’s free!

My Coffee Maker
My Coffee Maker

Several factors go into making a good cup of coffee: the right roast, grind, amount per cup, freshness, water temperature, and…the right water. Sometimes you do everything right and it still does not come out perfect. But today it did!

I drank my fill, and poured the rest into a thermos bottle for later. How, I wondered, could anyone think of spoiling such a perfect brew with milk–frothy or otherwise,–cream, sugar, or artificial flavors?

AHHHHHH! Have I teased anyone into trying Rainwater Coffee next time this pure water falls from the heavens? 😉

P.S.-You can boil the water and let it cool first if you think there might still be unfriendly life forms in the rain water.




"Freshly Brewed for You"
"Freshly Brewed for You"

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