ASTROLOGY: Mercury is retrograde!

Sign of Virgo


Why would any intelligent person–especially one with a scientific background–believe in astrology? Because it’s fun. And because when it tells me something that I have to admit is right, it is fascinating. Astrology is a mix of science and art. The science consists of mathematical calculations to determine the exact positions of the sun, moon, and planets, and often a few more optional heavenly bodies, at an exact sidereal time (if possible) in relation to the latitude, longitude, and horizon of a person’s birthplace. Then the angles formed by these bodies and points to each other are calculated. The art consists of interpretation of these placements and their relationships to each other.

I studied astrology intensely for a few years about four decades ago. I cast horoscopes for everyone I knew or met, and for important events. It helped me to understand some people better, I thought, and helped to account for the intense attractions I felt for a few people, as well as why I had problems with them. I still have a current Ephemeris.

When I discovered that Venus, by progression, went retrograde in my chart when I was in my 40th year, and did not turn direct again until my 80th year, I was saddened. I thought it meant I was doomed to a failed and unhappy love life. And it does appear that it was not my destiny to find enduring happiness with one person for life. But I have had some relationships that I will never forget, and some that transformed into something better.

I was meant to live the most productive years of my life alone, and once I got used to it, I liked it. Still do!

 Anyway, getting back to retrograde Mercury, the planet appeared to stop and start going backward in relation to Earth on May 27, when it was in 21º of Gemini. It will continue its “retrograde” motion until June 20 when it “stops” in 13º of Gemini and starts forward or “direct” motion again. Traditionally this warns against making important decisions, signing contracts, or completing transactions if they can be postponed. It also gives a chance to study pending deals that have gotten “hung up” or delayed by red tape so that corrections can be made or decisions can be reversed if it seems wise.

 Retrograde Mercury has been blamed for troubles with communications, scheduling and keeping appointments, mail delivery, and traffic congestion. Anything having to do with cell phones and messages might also be affected. Certain things can be misplaced, too. If a person was born in the Sign of Gemini or Virgo, Mercury retrograde can be especially potent.

Let me tell you about my experience! Three separate problems fell into place within days of each other, as Mercury was slowing.

1) Non-receipt by mail of a supposedly delivered birthday present I had sent to my daughter (who is a Gemini native.)

2) I lost an uncashed check.

3) There was a charge on my doctor’s bill that I did not owe.

The first one required tracking the delivery record of the package and suggesting that it may have been delivered when she was not at home, and taken back to the Post Office.

The second problem cost me considerable time searching through my purse, car, and even the check images from last Sunday’s collection at my church (in case I dropped it in the plate by mistake), and calling the person who wrote the check to see if I had left it there (I had not.) 😦

The charge on the doctor’s bill was resolved immediately when I called, receipts and copious documentation in hand, and was told that insurance had paid the amount… today!

My daughter got her package. And yesterday I picked up a Post-it note stuck to a piece of note paper with a website address on it, under my coffee cup on the computer desk…and folded in the notepaper was the check I had put in my pocket with the note! 🙂

Oh, and I also opened a bag in a stack of stuff that I wanted to rearrange, and found the orange Poof foam ball that I misplaced months ago–again, today!

How, we might ask, did that happen?

Uh…Jupiter trine natal Neptune in Virgo; Uranus opposing Neptune; Aquarius Moon opposing my natal Moon, which opposed natal Jupiter in Aquarius; and Saturn transiting Virgo, opposing Venus, maybe??? 😉 LOL! Round and round we go!


Author: b4i4get

I am a 68-yo retired Physical Therapist Asst. living in Texas. Currently I have ~5 dozen webpages, including 3 homepages, an e-novel, and 1 blog. I love cats, writing, and thinking about the big questions. I am also a singer-songwriter, though no one has heard of me--yet.

10 thoughts on “ASTROLOGY: Mercury is retrograde!”

  1. Ye Gods and little fishes!
    Don’t tell me that-I am all set to pack for take off Saturday afternoon !
    Well, we are insured !

    I think,with our combination in Scorpio and taurus,we have had that problem with retrograde planets for the past 3 months–so I shall have to ask The team to soothe our way for 3 or 4 weeks !

    See you,

    love Maggy

  2. Nothing is easy these days, Maggy! But forewarned is forearmed. At our age, we are used to working through SNAFUs, dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s. Things happen anyway, and sometimes it’s a good thing they do: they can lead to nice surprises and unexpected goodies!
    Have a great time! Love, Kaye

  3. Thanks, Kaz. I’m sorry, but my Ephemeris, Michelson’s “American Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2000 to 2050 at Midnight”, definitely shows Mercury just gone retrograde at 21 Gemini. Looking through the columns, I see no typos or errors in continuity. Which source are you using?
    UK astrologer Jonathan Cainer concurs on this position in his “Week Ahead” for Sat., 24 May:
    Your Week Ahead,

    “Mercury’s change of direction is one of the most important astrological event of the week. This time it is standing still in the sign of Gemini. Soon, it will retrace its steps through this sensitive sector of the sky. The event has, of course, special relevance to Geminis. Mercury rules their sign, and it is in their sign. Virgos are Mercurial too. All of us, though, regardless of when we were born, will feel the influence. Delays with transport, difficulties with communication, strange and sudden fluctuations in commercial markets and arguments over education are some of the traditional manifestations of retrograde Mercury. Despite its negative reputation, though, it can be very much a force for good.”

  4. Hi Kaye,
    That is just the point I am making. Unfortunately your Ephemeris is incorrect as well as just about everyone elses. The source of my information is the sky itself! The true original astrologers were also astronomers and they knew the sky. It is so disappointing today that astrologers have abandoned the sky to follow tradition steeped in fallacy. Ptolemy did not have inconsistencies in his ephemeris why do we?


  5. You are right. Astronomers began as astrologers until many abandoned foretelling and choosing auspicious dates, to pursue the pure science. It has been some time since I read about this, but it is true that our sun, moon, and planets do not now appear against the corresponding constellations as they once did. I believe this is due to the “precession of the equinoxes.” So traditional astrologers have kept on using the same segments of sky that they did centuries ago, acknowledging that when they say Mercury is in the sign of Gemini, they don’t mean it is “in” the constellation of Gemini, but at this point in time, Mercury is actually seen against the constellation of Taurus. Some astrologers have tried to adjust their horoscope wheels and have calculated a new Ephemeris. They have also tried to blend the character traits of the traditional sign with the sign preceding it, to make some effort to keep up with an evolving artform.

    It takes a mental contortionist to know that the Zodiac no longer overlays the ancient positions of the constellations, and insist that the positions they used to occupy are still “there” and relevant. But no one that I know of is practicing astrology according to the new Ephemeral calculations and the visible positions of the constellations. Since it is “magic” anyway, most who still take it seriously find it possible to believe in a Zodiac template through which they see the planets, sun, and moon, using a computer-generated Ephemeris accurate to a tenth of a minute, but off by an entire sign!

    Do I take astrology seriously? Not really. It is fun. It is in that category of hard-to-explain actions that seem to operate in our lives, like luck, synchronicity, serendipity, intuition, unexplained healings, and the psychic and spiritual sensitivity that some people seem to have. Astrology may be a means of focusing intuition, since the best (most successful) practioners no longer hold to classic personality associations, predict cautiously, and maintain that they
    feel such and such will take place.

    Thanks for the conversation!

  6. Kaye, that has really hit me. Things are going wrong around here too. Bob (Taurus) [has a] computer [that] got all messed up while we were at Jeanne’s (Gemini daughter) when her phone line went down. Her puter messed up too. He is now at the point of formatting the hard drive and redoing the whole thing…ugh!

    I placed an order for a vitamin supplement that I found works better than any prescription for interstitial cystitis, a disabling bladder condition and the order is lost. I ordered 3 bottles to save on shipping, and the bottle I have now is going down fast. This chronic disease is so debilitating that when I met Bob almost 2 years ago I was sure he was not going to put up with m[y] problem ….. Road trips were a nightmare.

    I also lost a receipt that I needed to return a Puter game and am stuck with it. I checked the wastebaskets and everything but it is nowhere to be found…yet.

    When we arrived in Michigan on the 21st, sh-t happened, as it can, when you open up a cottage that has seen winters of 30 below 0. There was a leak in the plumbing in the worst possible place to get at. Both tires on the Van we leave here were flat. The weather was cold and rainy and not fun to prime well pumps and check leaks outside. It has been sunny lately but waking up to 28º mornings is not fun. Now I know I can blame Mercury. lol Guess we can blame it for the gas prices too.

  7. Judith, you and your family got hit much harder than I did! But don’t give up. The same perfidious chain of events that causes your problems often balances out, gives you a chance to make improvements or revisions, and brings you something you would not have had otherwise. Maybe we can blame the gas prices on Neptune, since it was operating in your water leak situation, too…;-)
    Did you read the comments on this post from “Kaz”? He seems like a very intelligent person. He has one blog where he does “mathematical poetry” and another where he creates beautiful fractals.

  8. Thanks, Kristyn! As always, I am surprised that people are still reading this post and are able to connect to something in it. 😉

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