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We hear statistics about our soldiers who have fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes on the local news we get a picture and a little bit about them and their families. But usually they are just numbers, or names, ranks, and military branch.

I just heard about a site that the Washington Post has put up to show some details about each one. Go to this URL: and you will find thumbnails of each American soldier who has died, starting with the most recent. If no photo was available, a silhouette is shown, but even these will show a name when moused over. Click on one of the photos and a page will open showing a larger photo, when and where the person died and of what cause, and a Google map pinpointing the person’s home town. You may also search in several categories.

This is a tremendous undertaking, and I think the Post is to be commended for the service it is performing with this site. Pass it on!


Author: b4i4get

I am a 68-yo retired Physical Therapist Asst. living in Texas. Currently I have ~5 dozen webpages, including 3 homepages, an e-novel, and 1 blog. I love cats, writing, and thinking about the big questions. I am also a singer-songwriter, though no one has heard of me--yet.

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